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On Lovely Bones -- 美好的爱很轻

2010年5月8日 / 183次阅读

On <Lovely Bones>

Last night when it began to rain I was already in bed, holding the book Lovely Bones in my hand, trying to figure out the meaning of the book title. In the story after her death, Susie Salmon became a soul in her heaven, a ghost trapped in a perfect world. Calling a dead man’s soul “trapped” seems to be an interesting statement, for people believe that death is always a resort of setting oneself free. Let’s suppose that the heaven truly exists somewhere above us, like the Christians believe. Once a person dies, he/she dies from everything on the ground, he/she could leave all the troubles and abandon all the responsibilities that he/she didn’t want, then he/she might drift into a perfect world with no luggage. But how come Susie is trapped? Obviously, she still cares a lot about those people she left behind. The lovely girl is still lovable even if all she’s left are her bones.


Another question on my mind was: Why would someone escape from his/her family when death occurred to one of them? And as my reading went on I managed to find the answer, even if I wasn’t sure what it was----They don’t escape from their family. They are trying to escape from guilty and sympathy. That’s why Susie’s father and mother respond so differently to their daughter’s death----she was murdered and chopped into pieces. They couldn’t protect her from the evil, and felt extremely guilty for it. When the father feels guilty he did all he could to find out the murderer. But when it comes to her beautiful mother, she becomes reluctant to take the responsibility, flees from her family and throws herself to another man. Luckily she comes back when her husband is beat in a wronged situation. Strange, but I have to say her beauty never decades despite her weak points. Before her daughter died, she was just a highly-educated housewife whose dreams are buried in mediocre life. Susie’s death seems to justify her abandon of her family, and teach her about the importance of true love and loyalty at the mean time.


How strange it is to find out that the girl is still growing up after her death. But it can give you a feeling of intense relief to know when someone close to you is gone, they might not really die. Their soul would be around us out of sight, watching us living, and their spirit can grow in our breath, in our joy and grief.


There is just too much to say about the book, about other family members of Susie----her sister, her little brother, her grandmother, even her young lover….but I have to stop here. I’ll see you later, Lovely Susie.







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