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My dear father (1)

I have little time stay with my father since I left home for university. During Chinese Spring Festival holiday in 2008, my father came to my place in Nanjing and we had a very good time, although it was very short.

My father is an honest man. He doesn’t like to speak a lot, and now he almost doesn’t speak any more. When he was young, he worked in cultural center in our small town as a musician. In my memory, he can play almost all Chinese traditional musical instruments. In the past few years, I often heard the sound of his solo in Chinese violin. But the sound is becoming sadder and sadder. My father has a heavy beard, which used to sting me a lot when I was a kid. His back is not very straight. Many say that he looks like an artist. My father is the eldest among his brothers. Although he is less successful than his brothers, I think that he is the hardest working one……

Before Chinese Spring Festival in 2008, my father came to my house in Nanjing with little luggage. Our days were comfortable if no boring phone calls. I remember that my father always drank a little strong alcoholic drink at dinner. The sound when he was drinking and the way his face looked after being stimulated by the strong alcoholic drink made me think that the strong alcoholic drink tastes good and sweet. After dinner, we played Chinese chess sometimes. I won only once during the whole holiday. Each time when we were neck and neck, I always asked my father “Is it difficult?” At this moment, he always laughed mildly and said “no.” Then after several rounds, I failed again.

When I was in the train to Shanghai this Thursday, I sat beside a middle-age man. He started working on several papers of A4 size which was full of well arranged numbers after he sat down. I realized it what he was doing immediately. It was 3D lottery numbers and he was trying to work out the numbers of next round. Suddenly, I missed my father. He has this kind of paper full of 3D numbers too. I saw them in Najing, and I also saw them in his table in my hometown. I often asked him how lucky he was. If he was really lucky in the past few months, he would be very happy to tell me. His happiness was just like his comfortable feelings when he was drinking strong tea. It made me feel comfortable too. Along the way to Shanghai, the man told me a lot about his lottery stories. When I was listening, I was missing my father very much……

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