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German bottle

German bottle is very valuable. I heard about this before I arrived at Germany.

After I came to Germany, I worried about the matters of bottle before I could get a good rest after a long distance travel.

Administrative assistant arranged a room for me. It was very dirty and no people lived there for a while. According to the welfare policy of our office, we paid two Germans for giving a totally sweep of my apartment which actually is the first floor of a building. Before the clean work began, assistant told me a lot of details about how to superintend. One thing she mentioned to me was the bottle. In the public kitchen, more than ten glass beer bottles were laid out everywhere. Maybe it is because of the stringent garbage classification and it is not very easy to handle the glass bottle, she told me that I can give the unused bottles to the cleaners. Oh my God, how precious they are! I even don’t know how much money they can sell yet. I would never throw them away. When the two Germans were doing their cleaning job, I put those bottles in a safe place. Now then, I am proved to be clever and smart. Each of these bottles has the worth of 0.08 EUR. All together, it is almost one EUR.

At the first weekend, I deliberately went to a supermarket called REWE alone for the first time. I wandered for a long time with empty hands. The others may think that I was looking for something. But actually, I was looking for the machine that reclaims bottles. Finally, in a corner, I found them. They are totally unattractive, covered by stainless steel, no any other decorations. There are two of them. One is for plastic bottle and pop can, and another is for glass bottles. At that moment, there were several people feeding bottles to the machines. After pushing the green bottom, the machine spat out a piece of paper. I thought that paper was money! I asked a young man next to me. He gave me a full explanation patiently. He explained to me how to use the machine and the paper spat out is money which you can use directly in this supermarket or exchange for real money at the cashier. After a while I tried it by myself. I fed two bottles and got 0.33 EUR back. And then, I used it to pay. HAHA, it worked. I felt great……

In the next week, I collected bottles as many as I can. This Saturday, I sold them all and got back more than 4 EUR. I bought with this money a bottle of milk, two toothbrushes, a box of egg and a box of chicken meat.

In Germany, 10 EUR can give you more and more products than 10 RMB does in domestic. If you can collect enough bottles, daily life will never demand more of your money.



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